Increase the Phone Calls to your Business with Integrated Call Tracking by Clickyloo

If you’re only tracking form submissions or sales from your website, you’re not getting the whole picture. Integrated Phone Call Tracking from Clickyloo allows you to see how your entire Internet marketing campaign is performing.

see how well your site is converting

Call tracking becomes especially important when your business primarily relies on phone calls. For instance, a dentist or a plumber relies on the phone to ring to bring in clients. If you are only tracking form submissions from the website, you may be seeing only around 15% of the total contact data.

We integrate call tracking with your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns to allow you to see how well your site is converting visits to phone calls. Whether you’re using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing or Ask, you’ll get the entire conversion picture. We even have the ability to track calls down to the keyword level. This is extremely important to your campaign since it allows us to spend more money on the keyword phrases that generate phone calls and eliminate the keywords that don’t.

Our call tracking also has the ability to track phone calls for organic traffic and keyword phrases. When your business relies on the phone to be successful, designing your SEO program to use the keyword phrases that actually make the phone ring is paramount to your success.

Whether you’re doing SEO or PPC, integrated phone call tracking should be part of your web analytics. Our phone call tracking has a detailed control panel for viewing call logs, and even keyword level call detail. We’ve also integrated it with Google Analytics so you get a very clear picture of how many phone calls you’re driving compared to other conversions. This allows us to fine tune your organic and pay per click campaigns over time to continually drive more phone calls for less money.

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